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Membership Subscriptions Fees are Increasing

What is this about?

The membership subscriptions for the Civil Service Club are increasing from 1st January 2023.

Why are the subscription rates changing?

Subscription rates have remained the same for seven years from 2014.  Over that period our operating costs have increased significantly.  It had been intended to review subscription rates in 2020 but with the Covid pandemic it was clearly not the right time for an increase as lockdowns and your own management of the Covid risk meant that opportunities to use the Club’s facilities were greatly reduced both in 2020 and in 2021. 
In the light of the ending of Covid restrictions and the return to more normal operating conditions, the increases below were agreed by the Committee  in accordance with Club Rule 6a.

How will this affect me?

If you are an Ordinary Member or Associate Member with an annual membership subscription, your subscription will increase on your next renewal in 2023 to the following rates:
                                                    From 1st January 2023
Membership Type Cheque, Cash & Debit/Credit Card Continuous Annual Direct Debit
London £63.00  £60.00
London + Partner £81.00  £77.00
Country £53.00  £50.00
Country + Partner £71.00  £67.00
Associate £71.00  £67.00
Associate + Partner £89.00  £85.00
Partner £18.00  £17.00

How can the impact of the rises be reduced?

Use the Club’s Facilities regularly

On a regular basis the Club issues vouchers to members, the use of these vouchers means that that the total cost of your membership is reduced. In addition we have our loyalty scheme whereby you receive points for your expenditure within the Club. These points are then converted into further vouchers for you to spend in the Club.

Pay by Direct Debit

From the second year of membership you may opt to pay your annual subscription by direct debit, doing so will save circa 5% per annum, dependent on the type of membership.

Life Membership

If you are thinking of taking out a Life membership, doing so prior to 1st January 2023 is one way of reducing the impact of the rise. Taking out life membership prior to 1st January will save you money dependent of the type of membership and your age when taking this out .
The life membership fees will be increasing to the following rates:
         Life Membership          From 1st January 2023
London                            £315.00
London + Partner £405.00
Country £265.00
Country + Partner £355.00
Associate £355.00
Associate + Partner £445.00
Partner £90.00

These figures are based on taking out a Life Membership at the age of 60. If you are under 60 years of age then you must add one year’s subscription for every year that you are under 60.
If you are over 70 the cost of Life Membership is reduced to half.

Introduce New Members

If you introduce a new member to the Club, ensure that you enter your membership number on their membership application form. You will receive £10.00 in vouchers for each new member that you introduce.

Why do we pay a subscription?

The Civil Service Club is a not-for-profit unincorporated association of members. This means that there are no directors, shareholders, or anyone else taking a profit from The Club. The club is run by the members for the members. The subscription fee was introduced when the Club was opened in 1953 and ensures that Club is preserved for all members.
Did you know the Civil Service Club was created at the express wish of Her Majesty the Queen, with the balance of a fund collected by the staff of the Home Civil Service and the Foreign Service on the occasion of the then Princess Elizabeth’s wedding to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, RN, Duke of Edinburgh in 1947? Read the history of the Civil Service Club on our website, a Paperback version of the history can be purchased from reception for £2.00.

A colleague wishes to join, how will this affect them?

If they join after 31st December 2022 then they will pay the new yearly subscription rates above. In addition the one-off Joining Fee will also be increasing by £3.00 on 1st January 2023 to £20.00. Remember you will receive £10.00 in vouchers for each new member you introduce.