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Membership App: Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to see our quick start guide.
Q. Where can I download the Club Membership App from?
A. Search “CSC Members Club” on your phone’s app store/play store, if using a computer scan the QR code below with your smartphone’s camera, or if viewing these FAQs with your smartphone you can click here.

Q. If I do not have a smartphone to install the Club Membership App will I be denied entry?
A. No, if you can provide your membership number, which can we found on your current membership card.
Q. I have a smartphone but do not know how to install an App on the phone, can you assist?
A. Yes, we can assist at reception or over the phone by calling reception, the quick start guide is also listed below.
Q. If I cannot install the Club Membership App on my mobile phone will I lose out on vouchers and loyalty points?
A. No, all vouchers and loyalty points will be added to your membership number, having the app will make it easier for you.
Q. If I do not have the Club Membership App how do I know if I have any rewards or have any vouchers nearing expiry?
A. This can be viewed by any member of the team upon request.
Q. Can I choose when to use a voucher or a reward or will these automatically be redeemed at the till?
A. You can choose when to redeem the vouchers if they are within the valid dates.
Q. I have lost my membership card and do not know my membership number, I therefore cannot register the Club Membership App, can you help me?
A. If you visit reception, please bring some photographic ID, they will then provide you with your membership number so you can register, you can also call or email,
Q. My membership card is lost/damaged, and I do not have a smartphone so cannot use the Club Membership App, can I have replacement membership card?
A. Yes, you can have a replacement card. However, should you get a smartphone in the future you do not need a card to register on the app, just your membership number.
Q. Will the Club Membership App work on all smart phones?
A. Yes
Q As paper newsletters will no longer be posted, how will I keep up to date with news from the Club?
A. All news from the club will be posted on our website and app and will be communicated in the club. Paper based communication can be applied for by emailing or writing to the Club.
Q. I welcome the Club’s move to a Club Membership App; however, I do not wish to be sent marketing material for events, can I opt out of such communications?
A. Yes
Q. I have already provided my preferences for marketing via the members area of the Club’s website, will my preferences be honored in the Club Membership App?
A. Yes
Q. How do I check if the Civil Service Club has my correct email address to send me details of events?
A. You can check and update your details via the members area of the Club’s website or email to update accordingly, you can also update your details on the members section of the Club’s website, or by calling the Club.
Q. How does the loyalty program work, what type of rewards will get from accumulating loyalty points?   
A. Full details will be communicated all members shortly. As an introductory offer the loyalty points awarded will be equivalent to 5% of spend and will be converted into to rewards. Points are non-transferrable and have no value until converted into rewards which are only redeemable within the Club.
Q. I extensively use the Club’s facilities; however, I do not wish my purchases to be tracked and do not wish to receive loyalty points can I opt out of receiving loyalty points?
A. Yes. Please email requesting such.
Q. If I do not opt into the loyalty program will I still receive promotional vouchers issued by the Club?
A. Yes

Q. I have some paper vouchers which I won from a recent quiz will these still be valid, and can I transfer them to the Club Membership App so that I do not lose them?
A. Yes, please speak to a member of reception team when you next visit the Club.
Q. What is the member code?
A. This is not your membership number! The member code is written under the QR code on the App and can be used instead of scanning your phone, just give the number to your server, this code changes with each use.
Q. How do I log in to the Civil Service Club app?
A.  To log in enter your membership number, then enter the email address which is registered to your membership, this will keep you logged in until you log out.